Facebook is NOT shutting down

Yay! Good news for all of us. I take everything back about what I said regarding the rumor. I’m just a person whose life is also into Facebook whereas I talk to people, to everyone related to me and my friends back from elementary.

“To Mark Zuckerberg, my apologies. I hope you understand. :)”

Anyway, to help you understand. My friend sent me a message telling me that the story is nothing but a stupid rumor made by the weekly world news. I’ll paste here the article.

This one is from ABC news.

This afternoon a rumor about Facebook shutting down began spreading thanks to a false article created by Weekly World News, a company which is also reporting that Alien spaceships will attack earth in 2011.

The humor media company Weekly World News published a story on Saturday saying Facebook would shut down March 15th and people couldn’t access anything stored in their accounts after that.

If you still question whether that story has a humorous intent, take a look at the other items linked nearby: “Young Adults Moving Into Nursing Homes,” “Mike Tyson Pigeon Fetish,” “Droids Help Kids Cheat,” and “Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011.”

The fact that this absurd hoax spread so efficiently makes us wonder: Will people believe anything?

This one from DownloadSquad.

This is just a quick note to say that, despite any rumors you may have heard over the weekend, Facebook is not shutting down. Mashable even went as far as to get a confirmation from Facebook’s Director of Corporate Communications!

It’s a little bit worrying just how seriously the hoax was taken. Remember, though, that the average Facebook pleb won’t know anything about its recent $50 billion valuation, or that it now has over 600 million users. It’s perfectly natural that we hysterically defend the most important thing in our life, too!

Maybe, though, we’re finally seeing the modern-day social media equivalent of Bill Gates’ email tracker…

And another one from Google.

LAS VEGAS — A rumor Facebook was shutting down wafted over the Web, forcing the hugely popular social network to deny it had any intention of closing.

The rumor was started by a satirical online website whose other news flashes include such items as “Alien Spaceships to Attack Earth in 2011” and “George Clooney Running for President.”

As unlikely as it would seem that the social network with more than 500 million members would shut down, the rumor spread rapidly on Twitter and on Facebook itself.

Facebook denied it was shutting down in a statement posted on… Facebook.

“We didn’t get the memo about shutting down, so we’ll keep working away like always. We aren’t going anywhere; we’re just getting started,” it said.

So, I guess we can all now sleep and sound. Thanks everyone for reading my Blog. Tata! Xie Xie! ♥♥♥


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  1. kimmuel says:

    Zerla! hehe it’s nice to know that you’re into blogging din pala. Hehe xlinks?I’ll post your link in my site ha. tc! 🙂

    • zhedeecruz says:

      Hey Kimm! Thanks! Actually you’re the first person who commented on my blog (when I started using WordPress), if you still remember? 🙂 Thanks thanks, sure you can post it. TC. 🙂 Hang-out soon. Sama ka samin minsan. 🙂

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